Jenny Giering

Composer, Singer, Pianist, Yogi, Cook, Mom

Alice bliss

Music by Jenny Giering

Lyrics by Adam Gwon

Book by Karen Hartman

Directed by Mark Brokaw

Based on the novel Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington

When Alice learns that her father is being deployed to Iraq, she’s heartbroken. Matt Bliss is leaving just as his daughter blossoms into a full-grown teenager. She will learn to drive, shop for a dress for her first dance, and fall in love, all while trying to be strong for her mother and take care of her younger sister. Alice wears her dad’s shirt every day, even though the scent of him is fading, and his phone calls are never long enough. Life continues without him, but nothing can prepare Alice for the day two uniformed officers arrive at their door with news.

Development History

2018 Mercer Colony, Goodspeed Opera House

2014 Mercer Colony, Goodspeed Opera House

2014 Writers' Retreat, Weston Playhouse

Commissioned by Playwrights Horizons and Stacey Mindich Productions